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Windows 95

Troubleshooting Windows 95

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Increasing Performance
Installing a Plug and Play monitor
Interrupt settings (IRQs) - where can I change them?
How to Troubleshoot Windows 95 Shutdown Problems
How to Trouble shoot Windows 95 Startup Problems and Error Messages
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How to troubleshoot Registry errors
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How do I check file associations?
Cannot Use CabView to View Contents of Cabinet Files
Troubleshooting Video Problems
My Desktop Icons are Constantly Refreshing
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Windows 95 doesn't recognize my SCSI CD-ROM
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Troubleshooting Printing Problems
Problems with older Win 3.x programs
Hewlett-Packard Printer Failures
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Windows 95 Setup Error: Warning SU-0014
Correcting Corrupted Fonts
Stop Windows 95 from "disk thrashing"
Load Failures Listed in the Bootlog.txt File
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My Desktop Icons are not Displaying Correctly
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Lost your CD Key? Here's How To Find It
Clean the Registry
Troubleshooting MS-DOS Compatibility Mode on Hard Disks
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How do I determine my Windows 95 version?
OSR2 CD-ROM Lost AutoRun capability
Installing Project 4.1 Breaks Office 97 Spelling Checker
Kernel32.dll errors caused by IEXPLORE
How to Troubleshoot Invalid Page Faults in Internet Explorer
Invalid Page Fault in Kernel32.dll Errors
Kernel32.dll Errors
Runtime 216 Errors
General Protection Fault in Module Dibeng.dll
Resolving Print Problems in Internet Explorer/Outlook Express
Subscriptions not working in Internet Explorer 4
When I start my computer I see "Updating ESCD - success", what does this mean?
How do I change the "Registered to.." Information?
Internet Explorer won't "Open in New Window"
Reinstalling Windows 95 when Internet Explorer 4 is installed
No "New" on the right-click context menu
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Windows 95 Year 2000 Problems with DATE and DIR Commands
Microsoft Windows 95 Year 2000 Update
Check your computer's BIOS to see if it's Millennium Compliant
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Internet Explorer 3.02 Year 2000 Update
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Windows 95 Shutdown problems
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Adding support for Euro Currency Character
Restore Windows Files Option Missing from Setup
How to Check for a Faulty Math Coprocessor
Update your Scripting Engines (IE 4)
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Fix for Outlook Express "Mark All as Read" Issue
Office 97 SR-2
DUN does not start Automatically
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Internet Explorer 4 Error Message: Overlapped I/O Operation Is in Progress
Modem Attempts to Dial when Windows Starts
Win95 OSR2 patch available for use with AMD-K6-2/350 processor
Start- and Favorites Menu Not Listed in Alphabetical Order
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Device Manager Error Codes
Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music