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My old windows 3.x Internet 16- bit winsock program no longer works?

By: Arie Slob

The Windows 95 32-bit winsock should run everything your previous winsock (like trumpet or chameleon) did. When used with the Microsoft® tcp/ip Dial-Up Adapter or another 32bit TCP/IP protocol, you can run 32bit programs (called Internet clients) like Netscape Navigator. Make sure you only have one winsock installed as some programs may become confused and thus not work properly. You can verify the number of winsocks on your computer by using the Windows 95 FIND command:

  1. Select Start > Find > Files or Folders
  2. Type Winsock
  3. Press Find Now

If you still have an old winsock.dll on your system, rename it or delete it. You may then need to re-boot (depending on whether or not you have attempted winsock usage during the current session). With the Windows 95, most Internet (winsock) apps work just fine -- (many work better than before). However, Trumpet's winsock does seem to have difficulty with the 32bit Internet applications.