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Win95 OSR2 patch available for use with AMD-K6-2/350 processor

By: Arie Slob

A patch that corrects some problems that occur when Windows 95 is run on an AMD K6-2 processor running at 350-MHz (or faster) is now available for download at Microsoft's [278 KB] Web site.

This update resolves the following problems:

When you are starting Windows 95 OSR2, OSR2.1, or OSR2.5 on a computer with an AMD-K6-2 processor running at speeds of 350 MHz and above, you may receive one of the following error messages:

  • Device IOS failed to initialize
  • Windows Protection Error
  • You must reboot your computer

Please note that this patch will not resolve issues associated with any other versions of Windows 95 other than the OEM SR2 version. If you have any other version other than OEM SR2, please contact AMD technical support for further options available to you. You can use Tweaking Toolbox for Windows to determine the version of Windows 95 that you have on your system.

For more information read Microsoft's Knowledge Base Article No. 192841.

Revision to AMD K6-2/350 Central Processing Unit Update

If you have installed the AMD-K6-2 Update (Amdk6upd.exe) on a computer running Microsoft Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2, 2.1, and you are using Microsoft Backup to back up data to certain models of floppy disk drives, you may receive the following error messages:

  • Warning: Tape needs to be erased before operation can proceed
  • Microsoft Backup unable to read from the disk or network drive. Quit and restart Backup, and then try again
  • Warning: This operation has been canceled by the system

The version of Vfbackup.vxd (4.00.1112) installed by the original AMD-K6-2 Update does not incorporate the changes to Vfbackup.vxd cousing the above errors. The AMD-K6-2 Update has been revised to incorporate a newer version of Vfbackup.vxd.

The English version of the revised update installs a Vfbackup.vxd file with the following file attributes:

   Date      Time    Version      Size          File name
   05/25/99  11:14am 4.00.1114    18,197 bytes  Vfbackup.vxd

The English version of the original update installs a Vfbackup.vxd file with the following file attributes:

   Date      Time    Version      Size         File name
   01/15/97  11:12am  4.00.1112   18,197 bytes Vfbackup.vxd

You can downlaod the updated Amdk6upd.exe from Microsoft.