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Scroll bar arrows, Maximize and Minimize buttons, and other controls in Windows 95 are not displaying correctly

By: Arie Slob

This can occur if the Marlett TrueType font is damaged or missing.

The Marlett.ttf file is located in the Fonts folder with other TrueType fonts. The file is hidden, but the font is visible in programs' Font menus.

The Marlett.ttf file is located in the cabinet file on disk 6 if you are using Windows 95 disks, or in the cabinet file if you are using the Windows 95 CD-ROM. After you extract the file to the \Windows\Fonts folder, set its attributes by typing the following line at a command prompt:

attrib +s +h c:\windows\fonts\marlett.ttf

For more information on extracting files, see Using the Windows 95 Extract Tool (Extract.exe)