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How to Check for a Faulty Math Coprocessor

By: Arie Slob

To determine if the math coprocessor installed in your computer is faulty, follow these steps:

  1. Open System in Control Panel
  2. Select the Device Manager tab
  3. Double-click System Devices, and then double-click Numeric data processor
  4. Click the Settings tab
  5. The following message is displayed in the Diagnostics box:

    • Your computer's numeric data processor has passed all diagnostic tests and appears to be working properly


    • The numeric processor in this computer can sometimes compute inaccurate results when dividing large numbers

It's obvious that if you get the second message, you have a faulty Math Coprocessor. In that case you can switch of the use of the Math Coprocessor, by selecting the Never use numeric data processor on the same Settings tab.

How to Check for a Faulty Math Coprocessor