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Windows 95

Fine Tuning Windows 95

Change the size of Icons on your Desktop
Change icon spacing on your desktop
Adding Notepad to Send To
Multiple File Registrations
Prevent a CD-ROM from automatically launching
Turn off the Recycle Bin's delete confirmation prompt
Prevent programs from changing your File Associations
Adding a File Type to the NEW Menu
Speed up the Windows Refresh Rate
Quickly clear the (Recent) Documents Menu
Speed up the Start Menu
Turning off Password at startup
Getting rid of Click Here to Begin
Adding cascading menus to the Start button
Turn off Windows Animation
Display start up Menu without pressing F8 on start up
Access the Desktop Quickly
Change Screen Resolution without Rebooting
Change the name of your Recycle Bin
Get rid of Shortcut Arrow
Change the Start-up and Log off screens
Play a Midi File on Startup
Log on automatically at System Startup
One Click Shut Down or Restart
Saving Memory by adjusting your CD-ROM Cache
Clean your Config.sys
Freeing Disk Space
More conventional memory
Using DriveSpace
Cool Hardware Diagnostic Tool with OSR2!
Clear the Run Menu
Deleting Files without moving them to the Recycle Bin
Preview Media Files (in Windows Explorer)
Removing Programs listed in the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs Section
Remove Run-command from Start Menu
Remove Documents Folder from Start Menu
Remove Find components from the Start Menu
Remove Find Folder from Start Menu
Windows 95 System Updates
Update your (Intel) Hard Disk Controller
Remove the Recycle Bin from the Desktop
Remove All Icons from your Desktop
Windows Sockets 2 for Windows 95
Duplicating Windows 95 Installation to a New Hard Disk
Cleaning up your Hard Disk