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Prevent a CD-ROM from automatically launching

By: Arie Slob

Inserting a CD-ROM into the drive will in many cases launche the program contained on the CD (this is called Autorun, and the launch is controlled by a file on the CD called Autorun.inf). To disable this feature:

  1. Open Control Panel (Start > Settings > Control Panel), and double click System Properties
  2. Select the Device Manager tab
  3. Double-click the CD-ROM icon, and right-click your CD-ROM drive
  4. Select Properties, and click the Settings tab
  5. Uncheck the Auto insert notification check box
  6. Click OK, and then Close. You'll have to restart Windows for this change to take effect

Using TweakUI, one of Microsoft's PowerToys, this can now be disabled by turning off the Play audio CDs automatically and Play data CDs automatically options in the Paranoia tab.

Turn Off the CD-ROM Autorun