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Speed up the Start Menu

By: Arie Slob

Settings for changing the speed of the menu's have changed with the introduction of Internet Explorer 4. For one, TweakUI one of Microsoft's PowerToys, doesn't get to the correct registry entries. There are now 4 places where this information is stored, and even playing around with these didn't seem to have any effect on the menu speed. However, we have user feedback reporting a significant increase in access speed to the desktop icon's.

With the new features on the start-menu (you can now right-click and have the usual Folder options) the system pauses for approx. 1 sec. waiting to see if you want to right-click before auto selecting the item under the cursor. If you (left) click the item it will speed along. If you choose not to install the Desktop update you won't have this problem, but you'll miss the other features!

If you just want to see if you'll find any benefits in using the MenuShowDelay fix, you can download this registry patch. Save it to your desktop, then just double-click to import the registry info in your registry. This will change the MenuShowDelay registry settings to the value 0.

With the new Internet Explorer 4.01 menu speed is back to fast! In fact changing the settings for MenuShowdelay manually in the registry didn't have any effect (we couldn't slow the menu which suggest that the default setting now is fast).