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Change the Start-up and Log off screens

  • There are two files in the /Windows directory, both are 320 x 400 bitmaps
  • LOGOW.SYS is the "Wait while Shutting down...." screen
  • LOGOS.SYS is the "You may now shut...." screen
  • You can edit these files or create your own, they just have to be 320 x 400 bitmaps

If you have 640x480 images, here's how to make them 320x400 and keep their normal appearance when they are displayed at start up or shutdown:

  1. Open the desired image in Paint
  2. Choose Stretch/Skew under Image
  3. Select Horizontal and change the percentage to 50
  4. Choose OK
  5. Choose Stretch/Skew again
  6. Select Vertical and set it to 104
  7. Choose OK
  8. Choose Stretch/Skew again
  9. Select Vertical again and set it to 80
  10. Choose OK
  11. Choose Attributes under Image and there it is - a 320x400 bitmap

Remember to save it with the .SYS extension.

To create your custom Start-up Screen

By: Arie Slob

Create a file as described above, and name it Logo.sys. Place this file in the Root directory (C:\)