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Change Screen Resolution without Re-booting

By: Arie Slob

When changing the resolution or color depth of your display, Windows 95 usually wants to restart the computer. However, you can install a small utility (QuickRes) that allows you to change resolution on the fly. This utility is part of the Microsoft PowerToys.

Note: If you have the OSR2 installed, you can change the screen resolution without rebooting:

  1. Right-click the Desktop, and from the context menu choose Properties, select the Settings tab
  2. Change the resolution (and/or color properties)
  3. Hit the Apply button
  4. A dialogue box tells you Windows will now adjust your display settings, etc..., hit OK
  5. A dialogue box prompts with Do you want to keep this setting with the choice of yes/no. If you say no, you original settings automatically revert, if yes then close Display Properties.... Done