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Cool Hardware Diagnostic Tool with OSR2!

By: Arie Slob

If you have the OSR2 version of Windows 95 (read How do I determine my Windows 95 version?) and you have the OSR2 CD-ROM, you can find a cool hardware diagnostic tool called Hwdiag.exe. You can find this program in a non-compressed, execuTABLE form in the \Other\Misc\Hwtrack folder on the CD-ROM. You can run it from the CD or simply copy it to your hard drive and run it from there. It works on all Windows 95 versions.

Hwdiag.exe lists every key in the Windows Registry that refers to hardware in your system. The entries are color-coded:

  • Registry entries are displayed in green
  • File attributes are in magenta
  • Configuration Manger information is in brown
  • Error messages are displayed in red
  • Warnings are displayed in blue

If you see error's for IRQ Holder for PCI Steering, read Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 272291.

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