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Access the Desktop Quickly

By: Arie Slob

How do you access your desktop quickly when you have a lot of applications open? You could right click on the TaskBar and do a "Minimize All Windows", but on a 386/486 that's pretty slow. Here is another way:

  1. Double-click on "My Computer"
  2. If there is no toolbar, select View from the menu and select Toolbar
  3. Then from the drop down list-box in the toolbar select Desktop

Now minimize it and forget about it. The next time you want to access your desktop just click the desktop window on the TaskBar. As long as you don't close the window when you shutdown, it will reopen when you start windows again..

Note #1: This can also be achieved with DeskMenu, one of Microsoft's PowerToys.

Note #2: Internet Explorer 4 (and later) puts an Icon () on the Quick Launch toolbar, when you click this Icon it will Surface/Restore your Desktop.

Note #3: If you the have the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, or one of the new "Enhanced" keyboards with the special Windows 95 keys (usually 3), you can Surface/Restore your Desktop by pressing:

Winlogo+ D