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Quickly clear the (Recent) Documents Menu

By: Arie Slob

To clear the (Recent) Documents Menu requires some clicking. Here's a quick and dirty way to be able to clear them with a double-click:

  1. Create a batch file with the line:

    (To make it more easy for you to copy/paste, we've put the text in a text box)

  2. Save the batch file into a convenient directory
  3. Create a shortcut to the batch file on the Desktop
  4. Right-click the shortcut and choose Properties/Program tab
  5. Under Run, choose Minimized
  6. Check the Close on Exit box
  7. Click OK

Now just double click on the shortcut's icon to clear the document menu.

To clear the Documents menu every time you start Windows 95:
Obtain and install TweakUI, one of Microsoft's PowerToys.

Click on the Paranoia tab, and turn on the Clear Document history at logon option.

If you're running Internet Explorer 4, it's also possible to remove the Documents folder from the Start menu.