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Internet Explorer 4 Tips

By: Arie Slob

Subscribe to Sites
Browse the Web Unattended
Work Offline
Check all your Favorite Sites
Configure you're Subscriptions
Fast Forward and -Backward
Remove Channel Bar from your Desktop
Find your Favorites Fast!
Dual-pane Web searches
New Task bar objects
Launch Applications and Web pages from the Toolbar
Add Icon Dividers to your Quick Launch Toolbar
Toggle Task bar buttons
Customize the Active Desktop
PowerToys for Internet Explorer 4
Easy FTP
Add URL History folder to the Start menu
Make Tool bars from your Folders
Make a Cascading My Computer Toolbar
Change the Default Folder Background
Forgot a Cool Site?
Open Link in New Window
AutoComplete URL's
Make Autocomlete complete more
Stop the sound from playing when clicking a link
How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 4
Turn off Smooth Scrolling
Adding or Removing Web Integrated Desktop
View Full Screen
Customize Integration Mode
Error 400 - Bad Request
Show Small Icons on Toolbar
Turn off Underline Links
How to sort Shortcuts on Quick Launch Bar
How to Speed-up your connecting time
Easter Egg
Put your Subscriptions on the Start Menu
How do I prepare my system for IE 4.0?
Remove Favorites Folder from Start menu
Hide the Links Folder
Check if your IE4 configuration is up to date
How to Uninstall the Internet Explorer Sound Pack
Security Patches
Remove the "Log Off user" from the Start menu
View Folders as Web Page
View your Favorites as Thumbnails
Printing Web pages
Change the Default Search Page
Change the Title Bar Text
Change the View setting in Explorer
Add Edit button to Internet Explorer toolbar
Internet Explorer Keyboard shortcuts
Adjust Internet Explorer Timeout