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Browse the Web Unattended

By: Arie Slob

With Internet Explorer's Subscriptions you can connect to the Internet and download any changes in your Favorite pages even when you are not at your computer.

To configure this feature, first open the Internet Options dialog box by selecting Internet Options from the View menu. Select the Connection tab and check the Connect to the Internet using a Modem (or if this applies to your situation, the Access the Internet via a local area network) box. Choose Settings to select which service to dial, and to add your user name and password.

Options/Connection dialog box

Once you've supplied this information, select Manage Subscriptions from the Favorites menu (not the Favorites button), and right-click the Site you want to configure. From the menu, choose Properties. Here you can enter all kinds of information, like the times to update, on which days, if you want to download the page(s) or if you just want a notification of any changes.

Subscription Properties

Internet Explorer will place a red gleam on your icon to advise you that a change has occurred.


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