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Launch Applications and Web pages from the Toolbar

By: Arie Slob

You can add icon's to the Toolbar by dragging an item from your desktop or Windows Explorer, or click and hold a link in a Web page, then drag the item or link to the Windows 95 Toolbar, just to the right of the Start button. An icon will appear on the Toolbar and stay there, even when you restart your system. Now you can simply click the new Toolbar icon to launch the application or visit a Web page. It's a great way to keep often-used programs and URLs handy.

To remove any item, simply drag it off the Toolbar. To change the order items appear on the Toolbar, simply drag them to a new location, Internet Explorer will show you an indicator to indicate where the item will be pasted.

For more Information see: How to sort Shortcuts on Quick Launch Bar

Launch Applications and Web pages from the Toolbar

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