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Add Icon Dividers to your Quick Launch Toolbar

By: Arie Slob

If you have a bunch of icons on your Quick Launch toolbar, it would be nice if you could place some dividers between them, to keep them more organized. Here's how:

  1. First we need to make the divider. To do this, launch Paint (Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint)
  2. In Paint select Attributes from the Image menu
  3. Set the Width and Height to 16, and the Units to Pixels
  4. Now select View > Zoom > Custom and select the 800% radio button, then click OK
  5. Before starting to draw the image, select File > Save, and from the Save as type drop down box, select 16 Color Bitmap
  6. Now draw the bitmap, you can use the example shown below. When you draw a bitmap in place of an icon, Windows treats the color in the bitmaps top left pixel as transparent, so any area's matching that color will be transparent (dark blue in our example).

    Divider Bitmap

  7. After you save your bitmap, rename it with an .ico extension
  8. Now right-click on your Quick Launch toolbar, and from the menu choose Open
  9. Right-click on an empty space in the resulting Window, and select New > Text Document
  10. Open this newly created text document, and add these lines:


    Where IconName.ico is the full path (and name) to your icon file

  11. Now close Notepad, and rename this text document with an extension .scf. For the name you can use anything, I called it divider.scf
  12. Now the divider will appear on the Quick Launch toolbar. If you need more then one divider, simply copy the divider.scf file, and rename them - like divider1.scf, divider2.scf etc.

Quick Launch Toolbar with dividers

If you find that the dividers are not keeping their position after you reboot, use this trick: How to sort Shortcuts on Quick Launch Bar.

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