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How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 4

By: Arie Slob

See Microsoft's Knowledge Base Article No. 174265

To manually uninstall Internet Explorer 4, see Microsoft's Knowledge Base Article No. 175610

Problems with Office 97 after uninstalling Internet Explorer 4.

If you installed Office 97 after you installed Internet Explorer 4, and you decide to remove Internet Explorer 4, Office 97 will stop working. This is because Internet Explorer 4 and Office 97 share many files.

When you install Internet Explorer 4, it creates backup copies of files it replaces. If you later install Office 97 and then remove Internet Explorer 4, the pre-Internet Explorer 4 files reappear from the backup, overwriting shared files needed by Office 97. To fix the problem, reinstall Office 97. For more information, see Microsoft's Knowledge Base Article No. 174431

If you had Microsoft's Plus! System Agent installed prior to installing Internet Explorer 4, you won't get System Agent back by just uninstalling Internet Explorer 4. System Agent was replaced by Internet Explorer 4's Task Scheduler. To get System Agent back, go to the \Program Files\Plus! folder, and double-click Sysagent.exe. It will tell you that System Agent has been turned off and asks you if you would like to resume using System Agent.

Also note that when you re-install Internet Explorer 3.* you will not find your Favorites folder. When installing Internet Explorer 4 it got the System attribute for the folder, which is not removed when uninstalling Internet Explorer 4. The solution is to open a DOS window and use the Attrib -s command on the Favorites folder (\windows attrib -s favori~1). The location of your favorites when running Win NT is \winnt\profiles\<username>\favorites.

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