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Dual-pane Web searches

By: Arie Slob

Using search engines can be a hassle, you have to enter a search, click a link, and then, if the link doesn't turn out to be what you wanted, browse backwards to return to your search results page. Internet Explorer 4 solves the problem with its Search Bar. When you click the Internet Explorer 4 Search icon, a narrow window appears in the left-hand side of the browser. Select a search engine, then type in your search terms. Click Search, and your result appears in the left window without affecting the right side of the screen. Click a result's link, and the target page appears in the right-hand window, leaving your list of results in the left hand window. Once you find a page that has the info you want, click the Search button again to toggle the Search Bar off. You can click the Search button at any time to toggle the Search Bar on again.

Dual-pane Web searches

Internet Explorer 4's Search Bar is cool, but the narrow left-hand window doesn't have room for descriptions of the sites returned by your searches. Instead, you get a title-only list of search results. But you can find out more about each result. Just move the cursor over a link in the left-hand Search Bar window and hold it there. A pop-up tip appears, listing the URL and other relevant information about the page, including some sample text, as long as the search engine you are using supports this feature.

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