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Configure your Subscriptions

By: Arie Slob

To configure your Subscriptions, select Manage Subscriptions from the Favorites menu (not the Favorites button), and right-click the Site you want to configure. From the menu, choose Properties.

From the Subscription Tab you can Un subscribe. It also gives you a summary of the other settings concerned with the subscription.

On the Receiving Tab you can choose to have an e-mail send to you if the Site changed. You can also choose between notification, or to download for later viewing. If you choose to download, you will be presented with a second dialog box, where you can specify what to download (Images, Sound and video, ActiveX Controls and Java applets), choose to download between 0 and 3 "levels" deep, if you want to follow links outside the subscribed Web site and the maximum download size per update. If the site requires a Login you can enter your Username and Password after pressing the Login button.

On the Schedule Tab you can choose for a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Custom schedule and you can adjust the Schedule times/days when to perform an update.

Subscription Schedule

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