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Put your Subscriptions on the Start Menu

  1. Click the Start button once with your right mouse button. You should see a context menu pop-up
  2. One of the items should be Explore, click this with your left mouse button
  3. An Explorer file management window opens. In the left pane should be a directory tree, the right pane should display the contents of the Start Menu folder
  4. Right-click any empty space within the right pane. A context menu should appear, click New > Folder
  5. Windows Explorer will create a highlighted icon called New Folder. Type the following string, all on one line, replacing the words New Folder with this new line. You must type the period, the curly braces, all four hyphens, and the hexadecimal numbers exactly as shown. After the closing curly brace, press Enter

To make it more easy for you to copy/paste, we've put the string in a text box.

Put your Subscriptions on the Start Menu

More Folders can be added this way, see Adding cascading menus to the Start button

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