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Windows 95

Getting Started With Windows 95

By: Arie Slob

Switches that can be used when running Windows 95 SETUP
How do I install Windows 95 on a computer with nothing else on it?
How do I install Windows 95 on a computer with MS-DOS and Windows 3.x on it?
Share swap file between Windows 95 and Windows 3.1x
Have you removed the old swap file?
Freeing Disk Space
Starting in "DOS" mode
Set the System Time, Date and Time Zone
See the current Date
Using the SHIFT Key
Microsoft 'Enhanced' Keyboard and Windows 95
Right-Click with the Keyboard
Explorer Shortcut Keys
Move or Copy files with ease
Setting the default Windows Explorer view
Changing the Sort order in Windows Explorer
Disk Tools
Using the Windows 95 Extract Tool (Extract.exe)
Quick Restart of Windows 95
Contents of the Msdos.sys file
Show all files
Print Screen with Windows 95
Viewing IRQ's, I/O, DMA and Memory usage
Quickly Open Device Manager
Print Configuration Summary
Emergency Recovery Utility
Log File Viewer
Refresh SCSI Devices
Closing Nested Folders
Moving and Re-sizing the Taskbar
Line up your Icons
Go to a Folder Quickly
List of Confirmed Bugs in Windows 95
Changing the Location of Win95 Installation Files
Description of the Windows 95 Startup Process
Using Device Manager in Windows 95