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Microsoft "Enhanced" Keyboard and Windows 95

By: Arie Slob

Windows 95 has built-in support for the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, and if you have this, or one of the new "Enhanced" keyboards with the special Windows 95 keys (usually 3), use the special keys as follows:

  WIN   Display the Start Menu
  WIN+ D   Minimize or Restore all Windows
  WIN+ E   Start Windows Explorer
  WIN+ F   Start Find Files/Folders dialog box
  CTRL + WIN+ F   Start Find Computer dialog box
  WIN+ M   Minimize all windows currently open
  Shift + WIN+ M   Undo minimize all windows
  WIN + R   Display the Run dialog box
  WIN+ F1   Start Help
  WIN+ TAB   Cycle through taskbar buttons.
  WIN+ BREAK   Display Systems Properties panel.