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Have you removed the old swap file?

By: Arie Slob

If you installed Windows 95 over Windows 3.*, the setup program does not always remove the old swap file. The file is called 386spart.par, and to be able to see it in explorer you need to tell explorer to show hidden files. (see How do I show hidden files (such as Msdos.sys) to see how to show hidden files in explorer).

You can safely delete this file, but also check your "system.ini" file (Open it with a text editor like EDIT) if you see these lines: (under the [386enh] section)

  • PagingFile=386spart.par
  • PagingFileSize=xxxx (where xxxx is any given number)

Delete these entries.

Windows 95 uses another swap file called "Win386.swp".