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Switches that can be used when running Windows 95 SETUP

By: Arie Slob

/d - If you do not want Setup to use your existing copy of Windows.

filename - Runs setup with the specified setup file

/id - Ignores the Disk Space check

/in - Runs setup without the Network Setup Module

/ip - Ignores test for any Plug and Play devices

/iq - Skips the test for cross-linked files

/is - Ignores the routine System check

/it - Ignores "dirty" or "deadly" terminate-and-stay-resident programs (TSRs) that are known to cause problems with Windows 95 Setup.

/l - Use this switch if you have a Logitech mouse and want it enabled during Setup.

/n - This switch causes Setup to run without a mouse.

More info can be found at Microsoft