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Windows 95

Outlook Express 4 Tips

By: Arie Slob

Mail - Send Page
Mail - Send as HTML
Mail - Add Subfolders
News - Filter the News
Mail and News - Use multiple Accounts
Mail - Automatically sort Mail
Mail - Back up your mail message files
News - View Replies to my posts
Mail - Group Messages by Subject
Mail - Send Message Later
News - How to Set the Server Timeout
Disable OE Splash screen
Change the Default Font
Change the Location of your Data files
Change the Title Bar Text
Mail - How to make an e-mail template
Mail - How to backup your Inbox Assistant rules
How to backup your Accounts Information
How to change the New Mail Notification sound
Easter Egg
Security Patch
Mail & News - Adding multiple attachments
News - Add "X-No-Archive: Yes" Header