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News - Filter the News

By: Arie Slob

There are two problems with news groups these days: first, popular groups are filled with more messages than anyone would ever want to read; second, undesirable individuals (let's call them "nert" for short) show up on almost all news groups. Outlook Express's news group filters can help to fight both problems.

Select Tools > Newsgroup Filters from the main menu. Click Add to create a new filter. In the Where To Filter section, select the news group you want to filter, then add your own info to the "Do not show messages that meet the following criteria" section. For example, if you know that a certain "nert" use the same e-mail address for all their postings, enter that address in the From line. If a certain news thread has become long and annoying, you can avoid it by typing the subject line in the Subject box. You can also choose to avoid messages with fewer than a certain length or over a certain age.

Filter the News