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News: Add "X-No-Archive: Yes" Header

By: Arie Slob

Many users have asked how to insert custom headers, e.g. the X-No-Archive, into their News posts. The Outlook Express user interface does not allow the insertion of custom headers in any user friendly kind of manner, that functionality is under consideration for future inclusion.

However, it is possible to add custom headers to your news posts.

  1. Using the X-No-Archive header for demonstration purposes, open a New Message window and enable View > Full Headers
  2. In the Distribution or the Keyword field, type in World, hit Enter and on the resulting new line, type in X-No-Archive: Yes

Note: after you have clicked on the Post button, be sure, not to reopen the message again before it's sent. If you do reopen the message, you will have to add the X-No-Archive again in the Distribution or Keyword field.

News: Add "X-No-Archive: Yes" Header

Headers that start X- mean that they are eXperimental. They are not part of Internet standards. It's up to sending and receiving programs to agree what they mean. Receiving programs are free to ignore them.

The X-No-Archive: Yes has become widely used. It is a directive to archiving programs/services, such as Deja News not to keep (archive) a copy of this message. People who want to put X-No-Archive: Yes in their messages, want to minimize the risk of their e-mail address being "harvested", to minimize receiving spam.