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Windows XP

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How To

File and Settings Transfer Wizard
Lock Windows XP
Repair Internet Explorer
Make Google Internet Explorer's Primary Search Engine
Set Environment Variables
Check and Set DMA Mode
Adjust CD-ROM AutoPlay
Safely Remove Hardware Icon?
Stop Password Expiration
View System Uptime
Save Windows Update Downloads
Using Program Compatibility Wizard
Installing Windows XP Recovery Console
Apply Windows XP Theme To Third Party Applications
Using Remote Desktop in Windows XP
Disable Windows XP Startup Screen
Clean up your Hard Drive
Restrict HTML Help from Running Executables
Slipstreaming Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Create Bootable CD
Set up and Use Automated System Recovery in Windows XP
Move Windows XP to Another Computer
Basic Storage Versus Dynamic Storage in Windows XP
Remove Microsoft Java Virtual Machine and Install Sun Java™
How to Check if DVD Decoder Software is Installed
Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing
Using the System File Checker Tool
Data Execution Prevention

Installing and Setup

  • Page 1:
    • Preparing
    • Home Edition vs. Professional
    • Windows Update Advisor
    • Hardware Compatibility List
    • Upgrade your BIOS
    • Get the latest drivers
  • Page 2:
    • Backup your files
    • Upgrade vs. Clean Install
    • FDISK & Format
    • Uninstall
    • Dual Boot
  • Page 3:
    • File System
    • Clean Install Using Upgrade CD?
    • Running Setup
    • Dynamic Update
    • Administrator Password
  • Page 4:
    • Windows Welcome
    • Post Installation Tasks
  • Page 5:
    • Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles Relating to Setup

Getting Started

Create a Password Recovery Disk
Display the Quick Launch Bar
Change the Look of the Control Panel
Change the Look of the Start menu
Choose a Power Scheme
Use the Classic Logon Screen
Automatically Log On a User Account


Clean the Start Menu
Removing "Set Program Access and Defaults"
"Classic" Start menu
Exclude a Program from the Start Menu
Speed Up the Start Menu
Customize the Taskbar
Customize the Notification Area
Adjust Your Display Properties
Using & Tuning ClearType Font Smoothing
Uninstall Windows Messenger
Uninstall Additional Windows Components
Disable Low Diskspace Notification
Adjust System Restore
Disable Error Reporting
Display Administrator Account on Welcome Screen
Hide Users on the Welcome Screen
Change Picture on the Welcome Screen & Start Menu
Change Unread Mail Settings On Welcome Screen
Internet Connection Firewall
Increase Number of Download Sessions in Internet Explorer
Stop Dial-up Prompt
Create a Password Recovery Disk
Turn Off ZIP Folders
Switching Num Lock On
Disable the Windows Key
Remove Shared Documents Folder from My Computer
Adjust Internet Time Synchronization
Improve Performance by Disabling Indexing Service
Improve Boot Performance
Disable Search Assistant
Adjust Size Of Thumbnails
Add "Copy to Folder" and "Move to Folder" to Explorer Context Menu
Keep RAS Connections Alive When Switching Users
Adjust Windows XP DNS Cache Settings
Show User and Computer Name
Remove XP's Build-in CD Burning Capabilities
Prevent Windows Media Player 8.0 from Maintaining a Recent-files List
Prevent Writing to USB Storage Devices


Passwords Not Saved in Outlook/Outlook Express
Delay When Viewing Shares on a Windows 9x-Based Computer
Computer Reboots Without Warning
Icon Text not Transparent on Desktop
Windows XP Stops Responding During Windows Shutdown
Improve Hyperlinks Behaviour When Other Browser is Used as Default
Disable the Windows XP Prefetcher
Windows Update Problems
All Programs Menu Extends Off the Screen
Internet Explorer Cannot Connect to Secure Web Sites
Windows Doesn't Remember Folder Settings
Can only Save Images in Internet Explorer as .BMP Files
"Limited or no connectivity" Network Error in Service Pack 2