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Windows XP Stops Responding During Windows Shutdown

By: Arie Slob

There could be several reasons for Windows XP shutdown issues. Most will be related to device drivers, so always check if you have the latest drivers for your devices (printer, keyboard, mouse, sound card, etc.). If you use Easy CD / Direct CD software, it is well documented as being the major cause of Windows XP shutdown trouble. Roxio has released new drivers to solve this problem in Easy CD Creator 5. Take some time to read the directions on the page to make sure you follow the right steps for installation.

If Windows XP shutdown stops responding on the saving your settings screen, you are experiencing a known bug for which a fix is available. To obtain the fix:

  1. Go to the Corporate Windows Update site
  2. Click the link Find updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems
  3. Select your Operating system & Language, and click the Search button
  4. Click the link Recommended Updates
  5. Find and select the Restarting Windows XP update, then click the Go to Download Basket link
  6. Follow the steps to download the update, once downloaded, find the file and install the update