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Save Windows Update Downloads

By: Arie Slob

If you use the regular Windows Update Web site, updates you select are downloaded and installed, you are not offered the option to save them for later use, or for distribution to non-Internet connected PC's. Nor can you download updates for other computers (hardware/software drivers for example). Also, a System Restore could overwrite updated files, but Windows Update would still show the update as installed, and won't let you download them again.

To save Windows Update files, connect to the Windows Update Catalog (Also referred to as Corporate Windows Update) site.

* Here you can download all updates for all Windows XP OS types, and driver updates. Any updates you select will be collected in your Download Basket. If you have all updates you need, click on the link for your Download Basket. Here you can review/remove the updates you have selected. Press the Browse button to browse for a folder on your system/network where you want to save the files, then press the Download Now button. You have to accept the License Agreement, after which the files will be downloaded.