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Error Messages During Windows Me Install


There are quite a few errors that can occur. I'll discuss some of the more frequently experienced errors here.

Hard Disk Errors

If, during Setup, you see a message telling you that you must run ScanDisk to fix problems on your hard disk, follow these steps to fix the problems:

If you are setting up Windows Me over MS-DOS:

  1. If you are setting up from a CD, insert the CD, and then type the following:

      x:\win9x\scandisk.exe /all

    where x is the drive that contains the CD.

  2. Follow the instructions on your screen, and fix the problems that ScanDisk finds

  3. Run Setup again

If you are setting up Windows Me over a previous version of Windows 98 or Windows 95:

  1. Quit Setup
  2. On the Start menu, select Programs > Accessories > System Tools, and then click ScanDisk
  3. Check your hard disk(s) and any host drives for errors, and repair any problems found. Be sure to do a complete surface scan on all your drives, or Setup may still find errors

.CAB fie errors during Setup

When you try to install Windows Me, or install a component that requires copying files from the original Windows disks or CD-ROM, you may receive one of the following messages:

   Setup has detected the following decoding error:
   "Could not decode this setup (.cab) file. Setup will
   attempt to recover from this situation. Click OK to
   "Setup has encountered an error extracting the Windows
   files to your computer. To resolve this issue, you may
   need to boot from the Emergency Boot Disk and run Setup
   from MS-DOS. If you continue to receive these errors, see
   the .cab errors section of the Setup.txt file for additional

For solutions see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 140901.

SUxxxx error messages

If you receive a message SUxxxx (such as SU0015, SU0018, etc.), check Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 129971.

Not Enough Disk Space Messages

Check out this HelpWithWindows TechFile on cleaning your hard disk.

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