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Once you started the Windows Me setup program, setup will run the DOS-based ScanDisk, after which the Me Setup Wizard launces. If you are using the Step-Up or Upgrade edition of Windows Me to do a clean install, you will be presented with the Qualifiying Product Check dialog, once you've passed the License Agreement, and entered the Product Key.

Qualifiying Product Check

Next you can select the directory into which Windows Me will be installed, which would be C:\Windows by default. The Windows directory is then prepared, and Setup options are displayed. You can choose between Typical, Portable, Compact, and Custom install types: I recommend choosing Custom, since this will allow you to choose exactly which components you will be installing. If you are installing to a Laptop, Portable could be an option.

In the next phase of Setup, you enter your name and (optionally), your company name. If you have chosen to do a Custom install, you can pick the components you wish to install.

Next, you enter your computer name, workgroup, and, optionally, a computer description. Language, Country/Region, Keyboard Layout, and Time Zone options follow. After this, you are offered the option to create a Windows Me startup disk. I recommend you do this, although you can also create one after you complete this Windows Me install.

Now the file copy phase begins next, displaying the same screens that you get during the upgrade install, so you won't be prompted again until you need to logon to Windows Me for the first time.

At this point, you should check the Device Manager to see whether all of your hardware was correctly detected and installed, and make sure there are no conflicts listed (look for the little yellow exclamation points - "!"). To open Device Manager, select Start > Settings > Control Panel and click System. Select the Device Manager tab. If you have problems with drivers, try to get updated drivers from your manufacturer (Web site), or try using the Windows 98 drivers (not recommended - some drivers won't work). If you don't find updated drivers from your manufacturer, keep checking back every so often, as many are still in the process of releasing drivers.

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