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After partitioning the hard drive (if necessary) we want to format the hard drive:

To format drive C, at the A prompt type the following:

    format c:
and then press [Enter]. You will be warned that all data will be lost. Select Yes to continue with the format.

For each logical drive you created (such as D and E), at the A prompt type the following:

    format drive: (where drive is the appropriate drive letter)
Make sure you are formatting only the new drives you created, not other drives on other hard disks in your computer.

Running Setup

Once formatting is complete, you can begin setup. To do so, switch the command prompt to the CD-ROM drive (typically E:, since the Windows 98 boot floppy creates a RAM drive as D:), type setup (and press [Enter]). If you have specific installation requirements, you may want to run setup with one or more command line switches. See the table below for all of the possible setup switches.

Setup switch
(case sensitive)
/? Lists some of the documented setup switches.
/C Do not load the SmartDrive disk cache. Normally you don't want to use this switch.
/d Will not recognize previously installed version of Windows, if present.
/id Non-functional: This switch is supposed to skip the disk check phase, but it doesn't work.
/ie Causes Setup to not prompt you to create a Startup Disk (not recommended).
/ih Runs ScanDisk in the foreground so that you can see the results. Use this switch if the system stalls during the ScanDisk check or if an error results.
/il Loads the Logitech mouse driver instead of the Microsoft version.
/im Skip the check for low conventional memory.
/in Do not call the networking Setup software. Neither the networking software nor the Networking Wizard screens will be used. (Note that if you need dial-up networking, you need to run the networking phase of setup).
/iq Do not check for cross-linked files during initial ScanDisk.
/is Do not run ScanDisk. Not recommended, as ScanDisk will often help Setup run without errors.
/iv This switch bypasses displaying the Setup screens during an upgrade within Windows.
/IW Causes Setup to skip the license acceptance screen.
/M Bypasses the playing of the Setup sound (.wav) files.
/na# This switch bypasses the program check and can use the following values:

#=0 Default.

#=1 No Windows-based program check, but MS-DOS-based program are blocked.

#=2 No MS-DOS-based program check, Windows-based programs are blocked.

#=3 No Windows-based or MS-DOS-based program check.

/nm Allows you to install Windows Me on a system that falls below the minimum CPU requirement.
/nostart Causes Setup to perform only the File Copy portion of Setup, without actually installing Windows Me.
/T:[tempdir] Specifies the directory where Setup is to copy its temporary files. This directory must already exist, but any existing files in the directory will be deleted.
[script file] Allows you to specify the name of a script file that will be used to automate the Setup process. Automated Windows installations are covered in the Windows 98 Resource Kit.

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