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After the Installation


No matter how you installed Windows 98, once you're up-and-running, it's time to check on the success of your installation.

First check Device Manager:

  • Select System from Control Panel (select Start > Settings > Control Panel)
  • Select the Device Manager tab
  • If there's a problem, Windows 98 expands individual hardware entries to show any device bearing either a yellow exclamation point trouble symbol or the red X-mark disabled device symbol. Windows will also open the Other Devices item if it detected unknown devices. Check Properties for any device with a problem, it usually comes down to a handful of things: you may have multiple entries for the same device or two device's trying to grab the same memory address or interrupt. Try Windows 98 Help (click an empty space on the Desktop and press F1) or Version Conflict Manager.

While you're in System Properties, look at the Performance tab. If you see Your system is configured for optimal performance, you should be all set.

Other common trouble spots are video display adapters and monitors. For more information see Change the Refresh rate of your Graphical Adapter and/or Select your Monitor.

Converting to FAT32


If you are:

  • Not using disk compression
  • Didn't opt to save system files


  • Have no intention of uninstalling Windows 98

You could convert to FAT32. The chief payback is a significant increase in available hard disk space.

For more information see FAT32