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Version Conflict Manager


Sometimes, when installing software, you may have a newer version of a file on your system than the one being installed. Windows 98 Setup automatically installs the (older) Windows 98 file over the newer file and stores the newer version of the file in the \Windows\VCM folder. Those files can be viewed with Version Conflict Manager (VCM).

Note: The determining factor in identifying an older file is the file version, not the file date.

You can use Version Conflict Manager (Vcmui.exe) to restore an application's version of a file. Reinstalling the entire application is no longer necessary.

To launch Version Conflict Manager:

  • Select Start > Run and type vcmui in the Open: box.

    Version Conflict Manager displays the file name, the backup date, and the backed- up version of every newer file that was replaced. It also lists the current version being used of the file

When Version Conflict Manager restores an older file, the older file is moved in the \Windows\VCM folder with it's extension changed to .000. You can then use Version Conflict Manager to determine the original configuration.