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Change the Refresh rate of your Graphical Adapter


You can change the Refresh rate of your Graphics Adapter easily:

  1. Right-click on the Desktop
  2. Choose Properties from the context menu. On the Settings tab press the Advanced button. Select the Adapter tab.
  3. Depending on your graphics card (or monitor) you can have a choice of

    • Adapter Default / Optimal
    • Actual refresh rates (e.g. 72Hz / 75Hz / 78Hz)

  4. After setting your refresh rate, press Apply
  5. You will be presented with some information that Windows is going to adjust the refresh rate, and not to worry if your display becomes garbled or unusable, because Windows will in that case restore the original settings. Hit OK
  6. You will be presented with another screen telling you that the settings have changed, and if you want to keep this (new) setting. If you don't reply (or reply NO), Windows will restore the original refresh rate

You must select a monitor in order to set refresh rates. If Monitor is set to [unknown monitor], no custom refresh rates are available.

Refresh rates are affected by the capabilities of both the display adapter and the monitor. Windows 98 makes available all the refresh rates within the combined capabilities of the display adapter and the monitor.