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TweakUI 2000


Microsoft latest version of TweakUI was released in September 2000. It's officially known as version, but some people also refer to it as TweakUI 2000.

This version is compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/NT and Me.

Differences with TweakUI (98):

  • All tabs are visible
  • The "bugs" in the release version of TweakUI (98) are fixed
  • All the mouse-related items now appear on the mouse tab
  • Mouse Weel settings added
  • The X-Mouse delay setting has made a welcome return
  • More options in General > Effects
  • Prevent application from stealing focus setting added (General tab)
  • Active Desktop Enabled is now Allow Active Desktop to be turned on/off (IE tab)
  • IE4 Enabled has been changed to Shell Enhancements (IE tab)
  • Added Show Links on Favorites menu (IE tab)
  • Special Folders now appear on the My Computer tab (was General tab)
  • Renamed Network tab to Logon tab
  • Repair hotkeys added to the Repair tab, Repair URL History is removed

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There is 1 setting which will give you some trouble if you use it. On the IE tab, you will see Show Control Panel on Start Menu Settings. Once you deselect it's check box, you have no access to the Control Panel at all, which means you have no access to TweakUI. Which means you can't reverse the process!

To get back in your Control Panel, follow these steps:

  1. Select Start > Search and search for Tweakui.cpl on your drive
  2. When found double-click to open TweakUI, and reverse the setting that hides the Control Panel


  1. Start the Registry Editor
  2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer
  3. Delete the entry NoControlPanel from the right-hand pane
  4. Exit RegEdit and restart Windows
Note: The Show Control Panel on Start Menu Settings only appears when you use TweakUI in Windows Me or Windows 2000.


There seems to be a bug in TweakUI, when used on Windows Me. On the Desktop tab, you have the possibility to choose First icon on desktop, and you can choose My Documents or My Computer. When you choose My Computer, and you try to access the My Network Places, you will receive Internet Explorer script errors, and the display for My Network Places will stay empty. Just revert back to having the My Documents icon as the first icon on your desktop will restore the functionality of My Network Places.

This only seems to happen if you have Web view turned on (Explorer > Tools > Folder Options), which is the default setting. When you turn Web view off, it works without errors.

We have had a number of reports on this, and have been able to replicate this behaviour. Please drop us a note with your experience.

This setting is also available on Windows 2000, but there it works correct.

Microsoft describes bug with TweakUI and Office XP

Microsoft posted a Knowledge Base Article Q284896, OFFXP: "Most Recently Used" List Missing from File Menu and "Recently Used File List" Option Unavailable.

What happens is that if you clear the check mark from the Add new documents to Documents on Start Menu option on the IE tab of Tweak UI, and you click the File menu in any of the Office XP applications to choose a file from the most recently used file list, the most recently used file list is missing. When you click Options on the Tools menu, and then click the General tab, you find that the Recently used file list check box appears grayed out.

To work around this, keep Add new documents to Documents on Start Menu option on the IE tab of Tweak UI checked.

Please note that the screenshot below was taken on a Windows 98 machine. If you use a different Windows version, you will notice different tabs!

TweakUI 2000

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