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Prevent programs from changing your File Associations


When installing a new application or program, these will often change your file associations, so that associated files are launched by the new application/program. If you had another application/program which was previously associated with that file type, double-clicking will no longer start this application/program, but the new one instead. Some programs offer you the choice of associating certain file types with them when you run the Installation program, but to help you setting the file associations yourself, here are two tips:

  1. A shortcut for choosing a new program to be used with a certain file type is to hold the Shift key while right-clicking on a file, and choose Open With... from the context menu. After choosing the program, place a check-mark in the Always use this program to open this type of file

    Open With...

  2. You can also use multiple file registrations, for more info, see this tip.