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Multiple File Registrations


To be able to open a file with more than one program, follow these instructions:

  1. From Windows Explorer's menu select View > Folder Options, select the File Types tab
  2. Find the file type you want to work with and double click it
  3. In the Edit File Type dialog that opens you will see a box marked Actions. This is where Windows 98 stores the actions to be taken when you double click on a file, drag it to a printer, and so on. You can have more than one Open, so long as each action is a unique character string. For example, you could edit the Gif file type registration so that you have one entry named Open and another named Open (Paint Shop Pro). For each entry edit the actions needed to open the file with the appropriate application
  4. To add an entry, simply press New and in the New Action dialog box, type the name of the action in the Action box
  5. You can use the Browse button to find the Application used to perform action
  6. Highlight one of the entries and click the Set Default button. That will be the application used when you double click on a file of that type. If, however, you right click the file, all of the entries you placed into the Actions box will appear on the context menu making it easy to open the file with the application of your choice

Multiple File Registrations