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Maintenance Wizard


The new Maintenance Wizard helps you get the best performance from your system. You can run Maintenance Wizard to make your programs run faster, check your hard disk for problems, and free hard disk space. By scheduling these utilities to run on a regular basis, you can make sure that your computer is performing at its best.

Maintenance Wizard

When you start the Maintenance Wizard (Start > Programs > System Tools > Maintenance Wizard), you can choose to use Express (most common tune-up settings) or to use your own Custom settings.

The next screen will ask you for a time to run the Maintenance tasks. It is best to run these tasks at night. Your choices are:

  • Nights - Midnight to 3.00AM
  • Days - Noon to 3.00PM
  • Evenings - 8.00PM to 11.00PM
  • If you choose the Custom setting, you'll have a custom choice, where you can set the time you want the Maintenance Wizard to run

The next screen lets you choose which tasks to perform:

  • Speed Up Programs (Defrag)
  • Scan Hard Disk for Errors (Scandisk)
  • Delete Unnecessary Files (Disk Cleanup)

If you choose Custom settings, you'll have the option of scheduling each task separately. You also have the option to set parameters for each task.