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Get ready


Some other points to check:

  • Setup installs Internet Explorer 4.0 (SP1), so if you already have it on your system, uninstall it
  • Uninstall Microsoft's PowerToy TweakUI, if you have it. You'll find a new version of TweakUI in the \Tools \ ResKit \ PowerToy folder on the CD
  • Uninstall Microsoft's IntelliMouse. Windows 98 has native support for the IntelliMouse
  • Ever had had trouble with your video card in the past? Some video cards are known to crash Windows setup. If you expect trouble follow these steps:

    1. Select Display from Control Panel
    2. Select the Settings tab and press the Change Display Type... button
    3. Under Adapter Type, click on the Change button and choose Show All Devices
    4. Select (Standard display types) from the Manufacturers and Standard Display Adapter (VGA) from Models
    5. Click on OK, then back on the Settings tab, reduce your resolution to 640 by 480 pixels and your color depth to 256 color

    After you install Windows 98, you can restore the resolution and color depth

  • Unless you were running FAT32 before you installed Windows 98, once you convert to FAT32, you won't be able to uninstall Windows 98 and revert back to your previous Windows version
  • You also can't uninstall if you compress your hard drive using DriveSpace after you install Windows 98

Installing from Your Local Hard Disk

By copying all the setup files to your hard disk, you can unload your CD-ROM drivers and free up conventional memory to assist with low memory errors. The installation process will progress faster from here, partly because your hard drive is faster than a CD-ROM.

To copy the setup files locally from within MS-DOS:

  1. Make sure you have access to your CD-ROM drive
  2. You'll need an additional 120MB of disk space in addition to what Setup normally requires. Setup will typically require 195MB for a Windows 95 upgrade
  3. Create a temporary folder on the drive with plenty of free space to store the Setup files. To create a temporary directory, switch to that drive letter and type MD Win98
  4. Now, switch to your Windows 98 CD-ROM drive and the Win98 directory by typing: d:\Win98 (where d:/ is the drive letter of your CD-ROM)
  5. Copy the Windows 98 Setup files to the temporary directory you just created by typing: Copy *.* C:\Win98 (where C:\ is the drive you created the temporary folder and win98 is the temporary directory you created)
  6. Reboot your system and perform a clean boot by bypassing your startup files (press F5 - in Windows 95)
  7. Switch to the temporary directory to which you just copied the Setup files and start setup by typing setup

To install Windows 98 on an empty, un partitioned disk, start your computer from a floppy disk and then run Oemsetup.exe (not Setup.exe).