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DUN 1.3


Although this update is still available, we suggest to use the new Dial-Up Networking 1.4 Upgrade instead.

In late August 1998, Microsoft released DUN 1.3. This basically adds Windows 98 functionality to Windows 95.

If you want to try the latest DUN 1.3, you should read Microsoft Knowledge Base Article No. 191494 and Article No. 154091, the Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking 1.3 Upgrade Release Notes.

DUN 1.3 is relatively new, but from the feedback we've had so far, it seems that it's quite a safe upgrade. Some users of OSR2 have however reported problems. If you use OSR2, and want to install DUN 1.3, take the precaution of writing down all your TCP/IP settings (It is always advisable to back up your system before installing major new system changes!). Also note that if you have trouble connecting after upgrading to DUN 1.3, you could try these steps:

  1. Remove the TCP/IP protocol from your Dial-Up adapter. You can do this from Control Panel > Network
  2. Reinstall the TCP/IP protocol (Control Panel > Network, press the Add button on the Configuration tab, select Protocol, press Add, select Microsoft > TCP/IP and follow the prompts)
  3. Restore your TCP/IP settings

If you still have problems connecting:

  1. Delete all your connectoid's (this are the connections listed in Programs > Accessories > Dial-Up Networking)
  2. Recreate your connectoid's

If you want to install DUN 1.3, it might be worth a look at Ben Jos Walbeehm's "CONTENTS OF WINDOWS 95 SYSTEM UPDATES". This great page lists all the files added or changed by the DUN 1.3 upgrade (and of all other MS upgrades as well!!! This may help, if you run into any problems.

The upgrade to DUN 1.3 is available from Microsoft.

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