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Dial-Up Networking 1.4 Upgrade

By: Arie Slob

Microsoft has released an updated version of Dial Up Networking (DUN) for Windows 95 & 98. For Windows 95, the DUN 1.4 upgrade provides additional features for the DUN components that were first introduced in Windows 95. The DUN 1.4 release includes all of the features of all previous DUN releases, as well as those that are included in the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) version 1.1 release. DUN 1.4 features include PPTP client support, 128-bit encryption, support for internal ISDN adapters, multilink support, and connection-time scripting to automate non-standard login connections. The DUN 1.4 upgrade can be applied to any version of Windows 95. New features in DUN 1.4:

  • 128-bit encryption is supported with the DUN 1.4 upgrade.
  • The DUN 1.4 upgrade improves the stability of PPTP connections.
  • A year 2000 fix for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client has been included in the DUN 1.4 upgrade

Release Notes