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Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

A HelpWithWindows TechFile

By: Arie Slob

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Microsoft's Windows 98 Second Edition (as well as Windows 2000 & Windows XP) include a feature, called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

With ICS you can share a single Internet Connection across your (home) network, making it easier to connect to the Internet from your Networked computers.

There are several 3rd party products available, which let you do the same thing. The advantage of a 3rd party product over the Microsoft offering is that they are generally more user-friendly, and can be customized to suit your needs. For the average home user, however, Microsoft's ICS should be a good alternative.

Microsoft's ICS comes with no useful documentation, that's why we have made an attempt here to show you how to install & troubleshoot Microsoft's ICS.

See the following pages for more information:

The information you find here mostly reflects ICS & dial-up adapters. More information on Cable & DSL set-ups can be found at tim

For more information on Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP, read Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing.