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Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles
dealing with Internet Connection Sharing

By: Arie Slob

227141 -

ICS Does Not Install File and Printer Sharing By Default

227148 -

Unable to Connect Error Message Using MIRC and ICS

227150 -

Netscape Does Not Recognize ICS During Setup

227172 -

Your Computer Restarts Before ICS Wizard Is Set Up Completely

229125 -

Prodigy Internet Service Does Not Install on ICS Client

229132 -

Cannot Change "Send Image Size" Option in a NetMeeting Call

229151 -

CU-SeeMe Internet Conferencing Does Not Work Using ADSL

229233 -

You Can Select a Disabled Network Adapter in ICS

229239 -

Prompted to Restart Computer After Viewing Network Properties with ICS Installed

229248 -

CompuServe 2000 Is Incompatible with Internet Connection Sharing

229829 -

Internet Connection Sharing Is Not Set Up Correctly

229842 -

Using Internet Connection Sharing with User Profiles

229882 -

Delay in Assigning IP Addresses from an ICS Host Computer

229890 -

Time-Out Errors Sending Web Page Requests to an ICS Host

229965 -

Files Installed with Internet Connection Sharing

229971 -

Both Client and Host Require Logon for ICS to Function

229974 -

Connection Error Messages When You Use ICS with an FQDN

229978 -

ICS Cannot Autodial 3rd-Party Internet Dial-Up Connections

230070 -

TCP/IP Must Be Bound to All Adapters Connecting ICS Host to the LAN

230087 -

Description of the Microsoft Browser Connection Setup Wizard

230108 -

ICS Does Not Disconnect When You Are Finished Using the Internet

230112 -

How to Disable Internet Connection Sharing

230116 -

Slow Transfer Rates with ICS and High-Bandwidth Devices

230140 -

Only One Internet Connection Sharing Host Is Required on a LAN

230148 -

How to Change the IP Range for the ICS DHCP Service

230150 -

How to Configure a Permanent IP Address for Network Devices

230151 -

How to Configure ICS to Use a Static IP Address

230203 -

Dns_off.inf and Dns_on.inf Files Are Not Used in Windows 98 SE

230206 -

Err Msg: The Page Cannot Be Displayed

230233 -

How to Use AOL with Internet Connection Sharing

230355 -

ICS Icon May Take Up to 15 Minutes to Update Number of Connections

230357 -

ICS Does Not Pass WINS Server Information to Clients

230361 -

ICS Does Not Work If You Reinstall Windows 98 Second Edition

230585 -

How to Use a Macintosh Computer with Internet Connection Sharing

231162 -

How to Map a Port in ICS Using an .inf File

231648 -

ICS Does Not Function with Unidirectional Adapters

231651 -

No Sharing Option If You Close ICS Wizard

231696 -

Closing TCP/IP Properties Prompts You to Restart Your Computer

231706 -

Internet Connection Wizard Runs After Browser Connection Setup

231709 -

ICS Client Starts Wrong Web Site When Accepting Chat Request

231787 -

Net Nanny May Not Filter Inappropriate Internet Sites

231867 -

Install MSN Internet Access for LAN Connection without a Modem

232002 -

Program Sharing and Whiteboard (T.120) Do Not Work Properly with ICS

232780 -

Cannot Connect to PCAnywhere Host Computer Running ICS

232786 -

Cannot Use Whiteboard, Chat, or File Transfer in NetMeeting

234773 -

Establishing a VPN Connection with an ICS Host

234815 -

Description of Internet Connection Sharing

236152 -

No Sharing Button After Installing Internet Connection Sharing

236429 -

Problems Joining Games Using Internet Connection Sharing

236445 -

ICS Does Not Automatically Dial an Internet Connection

236465 -

Description of How ICS Appears in Network Properties

237254 -

How to Enable Internet Connection Sharing on a Network Connection in Windows 2000

237802 -

ICS Setup Error Message: Your Network Configuration Is Not Complete

237806 -

Dial-Up Connection in ICS Does Not Prompt to Disconnect on Client

238135 -

How to Troubleshoot Internet Connection Sharing Problems

239646 -

Windows 98 Second Edition May Not Install Internet Explorer

240443 -

DHCP Service in ICS Does Not Assign IP Address to LAN Adapter

241255 -

Error Message in Internet Connection Sharing Adapter Properties in Device Manager

241570 -

Security Features of Internet Connection Sharing

246615 -

Computer May Not Shut Down Properly with ICS

241769 -

ICS Error Message When IP Address Is Already in Use

247417 -

Internet Connection Sharing Tab Is Not Removed when Network Adapter Is Removed

248238 -

ICS Does Not Route IP Packets with Class-Mismatched Static IP Address and Subnet Mask

253373 -

No Network Adapter Listed When Using Internet Connection Sharing Wizard

258561 -

ICS Client Causes ICS Server to Connect to Internet During Windows Millennium Setup

259818 -

"The Page Cannot Be Displayed" Message on ICS Client

260555 -

Mapping a Drive on Local Network Forces ICS/NAT Host to Dial

261341 -

Configuring Static IP Addresses for the Public Interface Requires Changing the Internet Connection Sharing Adapter

261572 -

America Online 3.0 May Stop Responding When Using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

261734 -

Internet Connection Sharing Clients on Different Subnets Cannot Access Shares Using the Universal Naming Convention

261746 -

Problems After Modifying Multiple Instances of ICS Properties

261804 -

Internet Connect Sharing Blocks Incoming NetMeeting Calls

261864 -

Monopoly Version 1.0 by Westwood Cannot Host an Internet Game with Internet Connection Sharing Installed

261894 -

ICS Troubleshooter Gives Incorrect Instructions for Opening Icslog.txt

262148 -

Contents and Function of the Home Networking Wizard Setup Disk

262227 -

Description of the Home Networking Wizard in Windows

262300 -

Programs and Protocols Supported by ICS in Windows Me

262323 -

Dial-up Connection Is Not Disconnected When the Internet Connection Sharing Option Is Disabled

262645 -

Internet Connection Sharing Prevents Standby or Hibernation Mode

263276 -

How to Manually Remove Internet Connection Sharing and Network Components

263698 -

Internet Connection Sharing Disconnects After Five Minutes

265327 -

The Help and Support Instructions for Reinstalling Internet Connection Sharing Are Incorrect

265728 -

Internet Connection Sharing Requires Two Network Adapters on the Host Computer

266036 -

Internet Connection Sharing Host Does Not AutoDial on an IP over 1394 Network

266065 -

Error Message: WUAUCLT Has Caused an Error in <Unknown>

267272 -

Error Message: Another Internet Connection Sharing Program Is Installed on This Computer

268986 -

OLEXP: Using Outlook Express over Internet Connection Sharing

274302 -

ICS Folder Missing from the Windows Me CD-ROM

274498 -

"The Page Cannot Be Displayed" Error Message After You Upgrade to Windows Millennium Edition

274498 -

VDOPhone Is Unsuccessful Connecting to a Host Computer

275317 -

Unable to Change the Internet Connection Setting in Windows Millennium Edition

273587 -

How to Configure ICS for Use with DSL Connections That Use PPPoE Adapters

275530 -

Windows Media Player Does Not Buffer 100-KB Streams When Internet Connection Sharing Is Enabled

289648 -

Internet Connection Sharing Does Not Allow Other Users to Connect After You Log Off

298757 -

A Residential Gateway Device That Cannot Be Controlled Is Displayed on a Windows Me-Based Client

305667 -

Error Message Occurs When You Use a Windows Me Client That Uses a Shared Internet Connection to Connect to the Internet

307554 -

Programs Require Manual Port Configurations with Internet Connection Firewall

308006 -

Troubleshooting Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP

308125 -

Disconnected from Westwood Studios Online Gaming Zone When Internet Connection Sharing Is Enabled

309524 -

How to Configure Windows XP ICS for an Internal PPTP Server

309640 -

Creating a Bridge with Two Internal Adapters on a Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing Host Does Not Work

309642 -

How to Configure a Static Client for Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing

310563 -

Description of Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP

310651 -

Using Internet Connection Sharing with User Profiles

311070 -

Time-Out Err Msg When You Connect to the Web Through Internet Connection Sharing

311074 -

Dial-Up Connection in ICS Does Not Prompt to Disconnect

314066 -

How to Enable Internet Connection Sharing on a Home or Small Office Network Connection in Windows XP

314592 -

Domain Policy to Stop the Use of ICS or ICF Stops Services

316276 -

How to Share a PPPoE Internet Connection with Windows XP

319661 -

Connectivity Problems on ICS Clients When You Use a PPPoE Connection on a Windows XP ICS Host

321644 -

Internet Connection Sharing Clients Cannot Connect If Host Is Using an AOL Dial-Up Connection

323710 -

"Unable to Connect" Error Message Using MIRC and ICS in Windows XP

324286 -

How To Set Up Internet Connection Sharing in Windows Server 2003