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Customizing ScanReg


It is quite easy to customize ScanReg to include files in the daily backup made by this utility. Just edit the file Scanreg.ini (found in \Windows) which is well annotated with instructions. For a start it would be a good idea to save the backups outside the \Windows directory, if possible maybe even on another disk.

For the number of backups, change the number at the line MaxBackupCopies (from 1-99).

Note: Scanreg /restore (which you run from MS-DOS to restore a previously backed-up registry) only shows the first 5 (meaning the 5 oldest) backup's. You can work around this by moving a number of these backups to another folder, or deleting some older ones. Another option is to manually extract the backups.

See the default scanreg.ini

Note: The limit on additional files you can add is 15.

The Windows 98 Resource Kit includes a handy utility called SrEdit which lets you add certain files, and change the number of scanreg backups.