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Display start up Menu without pressing F8 on start up

By: Arie Slob

When you want to display the start up menu at the time you start Windows, you need to press F8. There is also a way of displaying it automatically:

  1. Use Explorer and find Msdos.sys in the root directory -- it is a hidden file (see Show all files to see how to show hidden files in Explorer)
  2. Make a copy of the Msdos.sys file in your TEMP directory, or any other directory. (just in case...)
  3. Right-click Msdos.sys and select Properties
  4. Uncheck the Read-only attribute
  5. Open a Msdos window (click Start > Programs > MS-DOS Prompt and type edit C:\Msdos.sys
  6. Under the [Options] section, type:
    BootMenuDelay=xx (where xx is the delay in seconds)

  7. Save the file
  8. In Explorer right-click on Msdos.sys, select Properties and check the Read-only attribute

You can also use TweakUI (you can find it on your CD-ROM in the \tools\reskit\powertoy folder) to change these settings on the Boot tab.

Display start up Menu without pressing F8 on start up