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Internet Explorer 5.01 won't update to use 128-bit encryption


If you upgrade to Internet Explorer 5.01, and try to upgrade from the 56-bit encryption version to the 128-bit version, the upgrade might not work.

If your previous Internet Explorer version was upgraded to use 128-bit encryption, it should stay in place if you upgrade your browser. You can check the encryption strength from Help > About Internet Explorer from the Internet Explorer menu.

If you didn't install 128-bit encryption before, and you are having problems upgrading, you can try this workaround:

  1. Restart your computer in MS-DOS mode
  2. Go to \Windows\System\ and rename schannel.dll to schannel.old (the command to use is ren schannel.dll schannel.old)
  3. Restart Windows, and reapply the 128-bit update
  4. Restart Windows, and check Help > About Internet Explorer from the Internet Explorer menu

You can also check your encryption at this Web site.

The 128-bit upgrade for Internet Explorer 5.01 is available from the Microsoft Web site