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How do I know which Windows 98 Updates are Installed?


There are 2 ways to check which updates have been installed on your computer:

  1. Connect to the Windows Update Web site, and when prompted:

    Windows Update
    This program can determine what components are installed on your
    computer, and whether new components, upgrades, or enhancements are
    available, specific to your computer. This check is done without
    sending any information to Microsoft.
    Would you like to check now?

    click Yes. When the page with updates is displayed, click on Download History to view a complete list of updates on your system, and when they were installed.

  2. Use Windows Explorer, and Open the file \Windows\WULog.txt. The update information is contained in this text file.

    Note: The file WULog.txt is a hidden file, so you have to Show all files to be able to see it in Windows Explorer.

Microsoft has updated the Windows update, and now a new folder is created under your Program Files called WindowsUpdate. In this folder you will also find the new history file, called wuhistv3.log.

You can view entries in this file by richt-clicking on the file, and choosing Open Width..., and selecting Notepad (or you can use this tip to add Notepad to your Send To folder. Once you've done this, you'll have the option to "Send" the file to Notepad, by right-clicking on it, and choosing Send To > Notepad).